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CERBA Dando Drilling International Energold Drilling Corp
FERRO-Montagetechnik (FMT) Geotech Ltd Goodyear
Group of Companies “ANAKON” IMC Montan Kazakhmys Exploration TOO
Metso Minerals (CIS) National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing (NP “NAEN”) NETCAD
OJSC Giproruda Pericles Properties & Associates Ltd Phoenix Geophysics Limited
PRESSMASH Quantec Geoscience Ltd. (QGL) RJC GROUP
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Energold Drilling Corp

Energold Drilling Corp is a leading global speciality drilling company that services the mining and energy sectors in Asia, the Americas and Africa. Internationally recognized for its social and environmental approach to drilling, it operates over 230 rigs in 22 countries worldwide, and provides a comprehensive range of drilling services from early stage exploration to mine site operations. The company’s portable drills are able to operate in areas without road access and terrains where conventional drills are unlikely to even set up. It combines its global presence with intimate local knowledge through its extensive local crews to ensure your project is a success.

Phoenix Geophysics Limited

Founded in 1975 in Toronto, Canada, Phoenix Geophysics is the world leader in onshore electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instrumentation and services. Phoenix has exported both natural-source (MT/AMT) and controlled-source (CSEM) equipment to over 80 countries. In onshore hydrocarbon exploration, the most-used EM technique is MT (magnetotellurics). MT does not require a man-made energy source. Other MT advantages include great depth of exploration, small equipment footprint, zero environmental disturbance, and flexible deployment. MT complements seismic in poor-seismic areas; provides rapid reconnaissance of new basins where seismic is expensive or difficult; and in some cases, shows direct hydrocarbon indicators. EM techniques including AMT/MT are also used in exploration for base and precious metals (as deep as 2000 m), coal, diamonds, uranium, geothermal deposits, groundwater, and industrial minerals. Engineering uses include dam site studies and railway tunnel planning. Scientific and research uses include earthquake prediction research and crustal mapping. 


Sijouddin Salomzoda

Murod Jumazoda

Haidar Kholov


Svetlana Zenina

Mining Journal

Diana Dalton

Quantec Geoscience Ltd. (QGL)

Quantec Geoscience Ltd. (QGL) is the world’s largest “non-seismic” ground geophysical survey company, with offices in Canada; Mexico; Peru; Chile; Argentina; Australia and Barbados. With an international staff exceeding 150 including 20 geophysicists, QGL draws on its global operations for management, equipment, personnel and interpretation capabilities for your exploration programs. Quantec has been servicing the mineral, geothermal, and oil and gas exploration markets since 1986. More than 5,000 geophysical surveys have been completed globally for a variety of clients, including major, mid-tier, and junior companies. Our record of success has been significant based on these surveys with a number of discoveries attributed to work performed by Quantec’s earth science professionals. Within the Quantec group of companies, and industry associations, there is extensive experience available in other geophysical services, including airborne geophysics, ground and borehole geophysics, processing, interpretation and data integration at all levels.

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Engineering company, LLC, Treading house “Pressmash” specializes in designing, producing and installing technological lines and devices for gold mining, ore mining, metallurgic and chemical enterprises:
1. Autoclaves with agitators and pulp cooling plants.
2. Pachucas.
3. Thickening equipment.
4. Discrete materials drying, baking and cooling trains: devices with revolving drums, devices with boiling bed.
5. Dust and gas collectors and absorption systems.
6. Evaporating and crystallization plants.
7. Enthalpy exchangers: shell and tube heat exchangers, aerial cooler apparatuses
Reactors, devices with agitators, pressure vessels.
We perform works on design of new and upgrade of the existing entities of ore mining, metallurgical and chemical enterprises, including design of import-substituting equipment.

Alexander Prikhodko

Gornaya kniga

Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Shigeo Katsu

Magasha Saiduakassova

Geotech Ltd

Geotech Ltd. is a world leader in Airborne Geophysics offering services in Airborne Gravity, Magnetics, Gradient Magnetometer, Radiometrics, VTEM (time domain electromagnetic) and our latest advancement, ZTEM (Airborne Magneto-tipper). Geotech Ltd. is based in Aurora, Ontario, Canada with sister offices in Russia, Australia, Ghana, South Africa, Barbados and Brazil.

Rod Cave

Mining Journal

Mikhail Kornilov

Diyar Yereshev

Valeriy Kucherov

Stefan Scholz

Alexander Lopatnikov

American Appraisal

Ralph Nowak

National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing (NP “NAEN”)

Non-Commercial Partnership “National Association for Subsoil Use Auditing” (NP “NAEN”) was founded in November 2004 and incorporates the major Russian companies in the field of subsoil use. Since 2006 publishes inter-industry scientific and technical journal “Subsoil use – XXI Century”, since 2007 coordinates the activities of the Russian Society of Subsoil Use Experts (OERN) – Russian mining and geological professionals. The purpose of the society is the accumulation and synthesis of specialised knowledge, professional experience, the formation of the expert community. NP “NAEN” is recognised by international organisations (CRIRSCO, European Federation of Geologists), it has developed the Code for the Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Reserves (NAEN Code) and it regularly holds seminars, conferences and provides consulting services.


Behre Dolbear Group Inc. (BD) is one of the oldest, continuously operating, mineral industry advisory firms in the world. Since 1911, we have specialized in studies for commercial and multilateral financial institutions, mining companies, governments and governmental agencies, legal firms, and other parties with interests in the minerals industry. BD’s global experience covers the full spectrum of technical, operational, and financial issues in a broad range of commodities including base and precious metals, coal, industrial minerals, diamonds and gemstones, ferrous metals, and construction materials.

BD is known internationally as a “businessman’s consultant.” Our people have first-hand experience in senior management and executive-level positions, giving them practical and insightful knowledge and skills. They are commercially experienced mineral industry professionals.

Our worldwide network of offices allows us to be a truly global company. Behre Dolbear operates from offices in 12 of the mining world’s most important cities and we have recently opened an office in Moscow.

James Scoville


Elena Amirkhanova

Kudu Industries Kazakhstan LLP

Colibri Kazakhstan Law firm

Kazakhstan Consulting

Alexander Makarov

Alexei Kaplan

Andrei Antsiferov

Dmitry Kovalev

Alp Malazgirt

Frank Tscherney

Euroasia Industry magazine

business new europe (bne)

Metso Minerals (CIS)

Metso, created in 2001 after merger of Nordberg and Svedala, is a global supplier of technology and services for the mining, construction, power generation, oil and gas, recycling, and pulp and paper industries.

Mining and Construction, one of the Metso’s reporting segments, is the world’s leading supplier of equipment, complete systems and solutions for rock and minerals processing industries.

Metso Mining and Construction serves all industries involved in crushing, screening and the reduction of rock and minerals, including aggregate production, quarrying, mining and minerals processing. The product offering comprises rock and minerals processing plants, stationary and mobile crushing and screening units, grinding mills, enrichment plants, wear protection products, wear and spare parts, after-market services. The wide product range enables Metso Mining and Construction to provide its customers with individual machines or complete turnkey installations.



Turkey & Central Asia Mining Investment Summit

Kapital Publishing House

Pericles Properties & Associates Ltd

Pericles Investments Management LTD

Это Ваш Family Office – 
Гарантия будущего для 
современной семьи 

15- летний опыт работы на рынке недвижимости Лондона, Женевы, Монако, Ниццы и Канн*


  • Помощь с поиском, покупкой и управлением недвижимостью, а также актуальные предложения по вложениюкапитала в новое строительство в сердце Лондона и вдоль реки Темза.
  • Посредничество при покупке коммерческой недвижимости в Швейцарии (Фешенебельная гостиница Санкт-Мориц, офис в Центрe Лугано с квартирой),шикарные виллы, расположенные вокруг озер неподалеку от горнолыжных курортов. 

Туризм  – Обучение – Бизнес  

Программы Каннского Кинофестиваля иMonaco Grand ‘Prix 2014’.

  • Обучение разговорному и деловомуАнглийскому языку (Business English),    Подбор школ, оформление виз.
  • Конфиденциальность гарантируем.

2nd floor, Berkeley square house, Berkeley square, Mayfair, W1J6BD

UK: +44 (0)203 58 222 38  –   Riga:+37(0)16 616 3387   –   Geneva: +41 (0) 22 518 0724

Michael Wilson


Central Asia Metals plc (“CAML” or the “Company”) is an AIM-listed company incorporated in England & Wales, with operational headquarters in London. Its countries of operation are Kazakhstan and Mongolia. CAML is a copper production, precious and base metals mineral exploration and development company with majority stakes in copper, gold, and molybdenum projects throughout Central Asia.

Having raised $60m at the IPO in October 2010, CAML built its Kounrad SX-EW copper recovery plant in central Kazakhstan. The construction was completed early in 2012 at the cost of $39m – approximately 15% below the budget. Built in the space of 21 months the plant, with the annual production capacity of 10,000 tonnes, started to produce copper in late April 2012, and since the end of September 2012 is operating at its full design capacity – the milestone achieved some three months ahead of schedule. 

In 2012 the plant produced 6,586 tonnes of cathode copper of at least 99.99% purity. Following a record monthly output of 1,114 tonnes in April 2013, the plant produced 10,509 tonnes of copper during 2013, exceeding the designed production capacity already in the first year of operation.

The Company is currently debt-free and cash flow positive, and announced maiden and special dividends (totalling GBP 0.07 per share) in December 2012, followed by final dividend (GBP 0.037 per share) in May and interim dividend (GBP 0.04 per share) in September 2013.

The Company’s assets include:

  • 60% of the Kounrad copper project near Balkhash, Kazakhstan, with annual production output of 10,000t of copper.
  • 80% of the Handgait molybdenum project with ~41kt of metal in resource in northern Mongolia. (Currently held for sale.)
  • 85% of the Ereen gold project with ~773koz in JORC-classified resources situated approximately 130km north of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. (Currently held for sale.)

The Company’s highly experienced management and operations team has a proven record in Central Asia, and is working towards developing a metals portfolio by identifying growth opportunities in the region and beyond.

Michael Wilson & Partners, Limited

Alexey Kutilin

OJSC Giproruda

OJSC Giproruda is one of the leading design companies in Russia in the field of integrated design of mines – open-pit and underground excavation, as well as the general engineering purposes enterprises.

With a wealth of experience in designing general mining enterprises, Giproruda performs the complete cycle of projects development – from project design to coordination of construction and bringing into service in difficult geological and climatic conditions.


  • Geological and economic assessment of deposit reserves.
  • Development strategies for mining and processing plants.
  • General planning.
  • Development of design and engineering documentation.
  • Feasibility study for construction.
  • Audit of completed projects and existing facilities.
  • Feasibility study of investment.


The Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) has a network of seven chapters located in Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary Vancouver and Almaty, and a membership base of over 200 corporations and individuals in a wide range of sectors. As an association, CERBA provides an extensive network of contacts with frequent networking events, informative seminars on pertinent topics in the Eurasian market for Canadian companies, an annual National Conference, a quarterly printed Newsletter, committees of the Canada-Russia Business Council (CRBC), access to annual trade missions, as well as market intelligence, advocacy on government policy, and active, Canada-focused sector committees.


Netcad was founded in 1989 with 100% nationally-financed capital to develop software for use in the engineering and project implementation fields such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, Urban Planning, Civil, Agricultural and Geological Engineering, Mining and Forestry.

Netcad, which has close to 30 GIS and CAD applications for the desktop, web, mobile and cloud spaces, all of which comply with international standards, develops localized software in Turkish, English and Russian.  Netcad has 20,000 licensees and 100,000 licensed users in Turkey and abroad.

The market share throughout Turkey for the solutions Netcad provides to public enterprises, municipalities and private sector companies has grown to 85%.

Additionally, Netcad products are used for course content in 462 departments across 82 universities. And 5,500 people annually participate in certified Netcad Campus training programs.

Netcad came in at 143 in the listing for Turkey’s “500 Largest IT Companies” for 2011, at 24 in the listing for manufacturers based in Turkey, at 5 in the listing for software houses based in Turkey and at 7 in the listing of the top 20 companies based on income from vertical software sales. Netcad strives to maintain its high levels of quality and service and possesses ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 certifications. Netcad is currently aiming to place in the top 100 for information technology companies.

Netcad is used in 800 municipalities, 950 public enterprises, 4500 private sector companies and 82 universities in Turkey; abroad, Netcad is used in 16 countries on 3 different continents.

Taskyn Koshman

Alexander Skorov

Metin Yurdakul



Gaidar Kuzhakhmetov

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Pavel Lykov

Zhanar Abdullayeva

Shakhbulat Giravov

Zarina Ualiyeva

Ruslan Sevostyanov

Regional programme GIZ “Mineral Resources for Development”

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Dr Mike Armitage

Bil Thuma

Askar Munara

Galym Nurzhanov

Akbatyr Nadyrbaev

Bazarbay Nurabaev

Timur Toktobaev

Nurlan Sauranbayev

Sergei Sabanov

Eric Hanson

Mining News


CCS Services

CCS Services Company, through its subsidiary in Kazakhstan LLP «CCS Services – Central Asia» has been a leading provider of analytical laboratory equipment for the mining and metallurgical complex for almost 20 years. As the official and exclusive distributor and service agent for a number of leading manufacturers, CCS Services supplies and provides maintenance and service for the following types of analytical equipment for the chemical analysis of a wide range of materials:

  • Mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometers Thermo NITON for geological exploration, express  chemical analysis in the field, qualitative and quantitative control of ores, concentrates, metallurgical products,  tailings, slags, mattes, ferroalloys, etc;
  • Mobile and stationary X-ray and optical spectrometers for the analysis of metals and alloys;
  • Laboratory optical emission (arc and spark), atomic absorption and ICP spectrometers;
  • Microwave systems for sample preparation for analysis (Milestone).

Paul Stenhouse

Kazakhstan’s key Ministers and senior officials will take part in the Forum on 1 and 2 April

Investors and mining companies will be offered an opportunity to learn about forthcoming changes and contribute their views on the “Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Subsoil Use”

To facilitate exploration, Geological Exploration Centre will be built in Astana by 2015 at Nazarbayev University

Kazakhstan to become the first ex-Soviet Union State to accept New Mining Code modelled on Australian and Canadian principles of allocation of Mineral Exploration Rights

Kazakhmys Exploration TOO

Kazakhmys Exploration Group of Companies specializes in providing services for organization of geological exploration of different complexity in the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

Our Activities:

  • prospecting, exploration and evaluation works;
  • hydrogeological and geotechnical studies;
  • technological sampling;
  • quality control of analytical studies using specialized software;
  • geological and geotechnical borehole logging; 
  • conducting all stages of exploration in accordance with the regulatory and legal framework of local legislation and the requirements of international quality standards;
  • integration of results of all stages of exploration with formation of common database using the latest GIS technologies;
  • database maintenance in conformity with JORC international standards;
  • surface and underground drilling for the purpose of prospecting and evaluation works and hydrogeological programs using modern equipment;
  • directional survey using single-shot or gyroscopic inclinometers;
  • geophysical survey of boreholes;
  • core orientation in inclined and vertical geotechnical boreholes;
  • samples preparation;
  • radiometric samples analysis;
  • geodesic studies.

Make your discovery with us!

Tamara Golovina

Open Central Asia

Gary McMahon


AGMP – The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises

Exploration Exchange China

China Gold Congress and Expo

Capital Media Corporation


Центрально-Азиатский горно-промышленный союз

The Kirghiz Mining Association

Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (KBCC)

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining)


Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan



“The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises”, LE Group (AGMP) was founded in 2005 upon an initiative of mining industry enterprises of Republic of Kazakhstan with the assistance of branch ministry.

As of today, AGMP is the biggest branch association in Kazakhstan, with the membership of 96 enterprises in non-ferrous metal, iron-steel, uranium and coal industries. Among them: “ENRC Kazakhstan” enterprises, “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JCS, “Kazakhmys” Copporation LLP, “Ust-Kamenogorsk Titano-Magnesium Combine” JCS, “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC, “KSP Steel” JCS etc.

AGMP is included in Republican Tripartite Committee for social partnership and social-labor relationships’ regulation, and is a signatory of General agreement. Also, association concludes Industrial agreement, in which the general principles of socio-economic and labor regulations in industry are defined.

In accordance with the “On private entrepreneurship” law, AGMP is accredited in 14 ministries and administrative entities, included in the working parties in the Government and Parliament of Republic of Kazakhstan, as a joint industry representative and a plenipotentiary representative of employers in the social partnership process, involved in development of legislative acts. In addition, AGMP is accredited in the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, where it represents mining industry.                      

Alexey Tsoy

Pavel Semenchenko

Phil Newall

Pavel Babayants

Dr. Friedrich von Bismarck

Business World Kazakhstan (BMK)

IMC Montan

IMC Montan is an independent international mining consultancy and one of the leading consulting companies in mining sector of Russia. The Group also includes such companies as DMT GmbH & Co. (Germany), IMCGCL (UK), WYG Plc. (UK).

IMC Montan successfully operating in Russia and the CIS since 1992. Since then the company implemented over 350 projects for Russian and international mining companies, investors and banks.

IMC Montan  is a recognized technical consultant and sector expert; its opinion is respected by analytical agencies, financial institutions and  Russian state surveillance bodies.

The range of the Company consulting services covers all solid minerals, all types of deposits and full cycle of the mine life.

Disciplines covered by the Company services include reserve audit in compliance with international standards, preparation of mining companies  for IPO, technical and technological consulting, feasibility studies, higher labour productivity or core business production build-up justification.

Gary Hodgkinson

Rustem Ospanov

Maria Moshkova

Roman Panov

Jon Edwards

Maria Sokolova

John Bacharach

Ash Johnson

Douglas Groom

Yerlan Ramazanov

Tatiana Sokhonchuk

Tony Thornton

El Idrysy Houcyne

Philipp Mohr

Jeffrey Vaughan Parshley

Dr. Rob Bowell

Allan McCracken

Mining and Metallurgical Industry


Aggreko is the world’s leader in diesel and gas powered generators rental. Aggreko provides diesel generators from 350 kVA up to 1250 kVA, gas generators 1375 kVA, and loadbanks. Aggreko has its own service team and a large fleet of equipment. Power rental period of diesel generators could be from weeks to months. A wide range of of cable, distribution panels, transformers, combined with Aggreko generators, enables the creation of large, complex temporary power installations of almost unlimited capacity. Aggreko generator rental implies turnkey power rental solutions to companies across different industries. Aggreko generator rental includes complete power generation service from start to finish.


Dando Drilling International

Established in 1867, Dando Drilling International is a UK based drilling rig and equipment manufacturer which supples a wide range of high performance, multipurpose surface exploration, wireline coring and dewatering drilling rigs. Sold worldwide and in operation on every continent, Dando drilling rigs are renowned for their reliability, productivity and ability to work in the most difficult working conditions. Dando also provides high quality machines for the water well, geotechnical and geothermal sectors. Capital Contractors is exclusive distributor and representative of Dando Drilling International in CIS.

CAE Mining

CAE Mining is at the forefront of the industry in developing and providing innovative technology and services to plan, manage and optimise mining operations. With operations in nine countries, CAE Mining offers enhanced solutions ranging from exploration data management and ore-body modelling, to mine planning and operations management. With proven expertise in mining governance and optimisation software tools and services, and extensive experience in simulation and training, CAE Mining will also introduce simulation-based mine planning, scheduling and training in an industry where safety is paramount and training costs are high. Ultimately, CAE Mining is developing the industry’s most compelling technology and services to advance the efficiency and safety of mine operations.


RJC Group – a consulting company doing its best in serving clients in exploration and mining industry in Russia and abroad. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has built a good track record in providing a broad scope of services from early prospecting to design and optimization of mining operations and processing circuits.

Our on-going and completed projects include those from early exploration to mining operations. Our commodity expertise covers precious metals and PGM, ferrous, base and minor metals, coal, uranium, and industrial minerals.

Exploration support is one of the intensively developing activities within the RJC Group. RJC Exploration’s Director Andrey Kharlashin, PhD, and his team are actively employing and introducing an efficient exploration support program on operations within the framework of their projects. The program includes development and application of the specially built computer based core logging AGR System that complies with QA/QC requirements and is approved by GKZ (State Committee on Reserves).

AGR System is a computer based core logging that covers all major structure and material criteria of ore distribution and unifies registration thereof.

AGR system is the basis to develop database, core log books, and drill hole logs. The System is easy and simple, and secured against nonsystematic errors.

Specialists of more than four mining companies, on whose deposits AGR System has been introduced and is intensively used, and also overseas auditors, have noted sufficient reduction in time required for cameral treatment, possibility to promptly adjust exploration drilling, and, as a result, reduction of the total cost of exploration.


AGT Systems is authorized supplier of advanced technologies for exploration industry. Specifically, AGT provides integrated systems, equipment and services in the fields of Geophysics, and the Geological, Geotechnical and Geochemical sciences, including land, airborne and marine systems.

Geosoft Oasis montaj and Target software packages provide a wide range of capabilities for geophysical, geochemical and geological data processing and interpretation, including 2D and 3D modeling.

AGT Systems provides warranty services and technical support, training and post-warranty services on request.


AGT Systems Ltd.
24 Smolnaya ul, Suite 1420
Moscow 124445 Russia
Tel./Fax: (7-495) 232-0786

AGT Systems Vostok Ltd.

Kazakhstan 050000 Almaty

Almalinskiy district
Seyfullina/Kabanbay Batyr
563/103 Suite 201
тел. +7- 771-578-5801,

AGT Systems NA.
15 Lake Shore Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M8V 1Y9, Canada
Тел.:  +1 (416) 801-70-55


Journal Gornaya Promyshlennost

Group of Companies “ANAKON”

“ANAKON”, a Group of Companies, presents complex solutions for modern technologies of analysis of ores and minerals. In the Group, there are “Anakon” LLC-,”GEO-Engineering” LLC- and the (Scientific-and-Technical Center) “STC “Mineral Standards” LLC Companies.

“Anakon” LLC is the exclusive representative of Rocklabs Ltd (New Zealand) and Furnace Industries (Australia) in the Russian Federation.

”GEO-Engineering” LLC is in charge of supply of mobile laboratories for sample preparation and analysis, as well as of collapsible tanks for fuels and water (SEI Industries of Canada), of technological equipment (Engendrar and CEC Ceramics of Brazil), as also of equipment and spare parts for X-ray fluorescent analysis (XRF-Scientific of Australia).

“STC “Mineral Standards” LLC is active in the development of matrix standard/reference samples for analysis of ores and minerals. The Center has the high production and staffing potential for training in sample preparation and laboratory practice, for consulting services in nature management, for the development of methodological guides to sample preparation.

Журнал Машиностроение Украины

World Finance Review

Группа ПравоТЭК

Каталог Минералов

Bulletin Subsurface Use in Russia

Journal Mineral Recourses of Russia. Economics and Management

Mining magazine of Kazakhstan

Mining Job Search

Brand-Service. Special Projects

Казахстанский горнопромышленный портал

Информационно-аналитический портал недропользования Казахстана

Goldletter International


Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs approximately 69,000 people and manufactures its products in 52 facilities in 22 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. 

Goodyear Dunlop Europe’s range of tires for commercial vehicles, buses and coaches includes more than 400 different tires covering in excess of 55 sizes.  Many of the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers fit tires from Goodyear as standard, including DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo.  Goodyear also supplies tires to all major trailer manufacturers. With Fleet First, which includes the TruckForce service network, ServiceLine 24h roadside assistance, FleetOnlineSolutions Internet management system and Goodyear Retread Technologies, Goodyear provides one of the broadest ranges of dedicated services in the industry. 

For more information on Goodyear and its products, visit


FERRO-Montagetechnik (FMT)

Five continents – one partner: The Austrian company FMT has more than 30 years experience in the field of installation and servicing of industrial plants. In addition, FMT shows competence in the field of planning and construction of machines and plants. With 800 specialists for various industries, like Mining & Materials Handling, we ensure that our clients will benefit from a high level of efficiency and competence. Geographical presence is a matter of course for us, this is why FMT has established OOO Ferromont Russia, a 100% Russian subsidiary, capable of performing manufacturing, engineering and installation services according to the norms and standards of Russia and CIS. Supervision with Austrian specialists and the planning and engineering Know-how of the headquarter in Wels ensures the superior quality standard, for which FMT is renowned in the rest of the world.

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MINEX Central Asia 2014 sponsors

Photography contest “Prospector. Miner. Metallurgist”

Speakers Bio Photo

Economic and Business Outlook

MINEX Central Asia 2014 Forum Brochure

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Wardell Armstrong Group (WAI)

WAI has provided the mineral industry with specialised geological, mining, processing and environmental expertise since 1987, initially as an independent company, but from 1999 as part of the Wardell Armstrong Group (WA). Our experience is worldwide and has concentrated on the metalliferous mining sector and coal.

Our parent company is a mining engineering/environmental consultancy that services the industrial minerals sector from nine regional offices in the UK and international offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. Total worldwide staff complement is now in excess of 300.

The Group provides a wide range of services for minerals-related projects. This ranges from preliminary exploration planning, through reserve estimation, mine design and financial appraisal, to bankable final feasibility study.

WAI has a strong client list, including companies and organisations from the private and public sectors, as well as many major lending institutions. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London stock exchange listings.

Wardell Armstrong International (WAI)

Угольный портал Украины



SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is the world’s first one-stop consultancy offering specialist services to mining and exploration companies for the entire life cycle of a mining project from exploration through to mine closure. Among SRK Consulting’s approximately 1,500 clients are most of the world’s major and medium-sized mining houses, exploration companies, banks, petroleum companies, agribusiness companies, construction firms and government departments.

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974, SRK now employs approximately over 1,600 professionals in 50 permanent offices in 22 countries on six continents. A broad range of internationally recognised associate consultants are also available world-wide to complement the core staff.

The SRK Group’s independence is ensured by the fact that it holds no equity in any project or company and that its ownership rests solely with its staff. This enables SRK to provide its clients with conflict-free and objective recommendations on crucial judgment issues.

SRK Consulting employs leading specialists in each field of science and engineering. Its seamless integration of services, and global base, has made the company the world’s leading practice in due diligence, feasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.

SRK Consulting offices in the countries in which it operates are staffed by international as well as local experts thus ensuring both technical and local context excellence.


VNIPIpromtechnologii OJSC is a full-service company that performs a full cycle of design and survey works as well as scientific and research works for:

  • Building and reconstruction of companies that specializes in mining and processing of uranium, rare-earth elements, non-ferrous metals ores and precious metals ores;
  • Recovery of territories damaged by radioactive waste;
  • radiation-dangerous works at handling, operating and liquidation of nuclear weapon and nuclear munitions;
  • Building of nuclear-waste repositories and radioactive waste disposal facilities;
  • Liquidation of industrial facilities that were build using nuclear technology;
  • Handling of radioactive waste, reactor blocks and spent nuclear fuel from atomic submarine utilization.

Currently VNIPIpromtechnologii OJSC is an engineering subsidiary company of ARMZ Uranium Holing Co. It performs design and survey works as well as scientific and research works for both companies of the Holding and the third parties.

Seeking to comply with market demands our company is actively developing itself and its competencies and discovers new areas of activity.  The Institute is located in Moscow and has its own exploration base in Moscow area and a branch in the city of Chita.  The company has about 500 high-quality specialists. Their working places are upgraded with the modern equipment and software.  Our highly skilled specialists are capable to participate in implementation of large-scale projects of development of atomic sector and mining industry.

IMC Montan


CJSC “Rusburmash” is a complex geological exploration company with a powerful drilling service that implements the exploration projects for solid minerals from the stage of design to the stage of exploitation both in The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” and in the external exploration and drilling services market for solid minerals in Russia and abroad.

The company was founded in July of 1998. In 2007 it was involved into the contour of OJSC “ARMZ”. Since 2009 OJSC “ARMZ” owns 100% of shares of CJSC “Rusburmash.” In 2012 in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan the branch establishment was registered with the purpose of uranium and non-uranium exploration. In 2013 it has received all the necessary licenses for business activity.

  As the service branch of The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” that controls all the uranium-mining assets in Russian nuclear industry, CJSC “Rusburmash” provides geological exploration (including exploratory drilling) and some activities on the construction technological holes for similar companies as well. Besides this CJSC “Rusburmash” successfully performs the public and private orders for exploration.

  Today the company carries out a several types of works:

  • all kinds of geological works (from the documentation development of the exploration works to the resource attestation in the SRC (State Reserves Commission) in compliance with the international standards: JORC, CIM and etc.;
  • the drilling and the wells construction for various purposes and degrees of sophistication (except the oil and gas wells).

  The patent base of the company includes 27 patents and allows to use the unique technologies in the wells building, drilling equipment, systems of exploitation of productive deposits.

  CJSC “Rusburmash” has the following competencies

 in terms of exploration:

  •  the conducting of the expert review of the licensed areas, including the valuation of the quality and reliability of the work results;
  • the rationale for the subsequent stages of work (the valuation, the preliminary/detailed exploration);
  • the preparation of the documentation development for the exploration works;
  • the entire complex of geological fieldworks and processing of the obtained materials;
  • the preparation of geological reports with reserves estimation, submission and approval of the SRC;
  • the geological support for the wells construction in the process of operating units MF;
  • the implementation of the geotechnical surveys for the purpose of design.
  • the geological, mathematical and technical mining modeling, resource evaluation with accordance with the international standards (JORS, CIM and etc.).

 in terms of drilling:

  • the construction of the technological, operational and exploration wells;
  • the exploration drilling on the deposits;
  • the drilling of the engineering and technological underground wells;
  • the exploration of the drilling, operational and exploration underground wells;
  • the technical drilling (backfilling / for the utilities, for the eliminating of plugs);
  • the drilling of the exploratory wells; – the remedial work on the wells;
  • the elimination of the technological wells.


GNPP Aerogeophysica is a leading Russian company and one of world leaders in the area of providing airborne geophysical services. Every year, in Russia and abroad, GNPP Aerogeophysika carries up to 400,000 linear km of high resolution airborne geophysical surveys at various scales.

The company possesses a large arsenal of the most modern airborne geophysical equipment:

  • Airplane and helicopter-based EM survey systems of various modifications;
  • Airborne gravimeter GT-2M;
  • Multi-channel, high resolution gamma-ray spectrometers;
  • High-precision, cesium magnetometers-gradiometers;
  • Equipment for conducting infrared heat and aerosol and gas profiling aerial surveys;
  • Satellite navigation system.


SGS Vostok Limited is the Russian subsidiary of SGS S.A. and member of SGS Group, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 80,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,650 offices and laboratories around the world with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Operating in Russia since January 1981, today we employ a staff of 3,400 people at our Moscow headquarters and the various Russian branch offices and laboratories.

ALS Minerals

ALS Limited and its Mineral Division is the world leader in sphere of analytical and laboratory testing for exploration and mining companies. The company is specialized in laboratory testing and assays of geological materials: core, RC, trench, rock, soil, stream sediment and other materials.  ALS Limited (formerly Campbell Brothers Limited) – is registered by the Australian Stock Exchange. ALS includes 350 sample preparation and analytical laboratories, located in 55 countries of the world, including Russia, with a total of about 12,000 employees. ALS clients include leading international mining, smelting and mineral exploration companies.  Our laboratories in Russia & Central Asia offer a wide range of services, including sample preparation, drying, crushing, pulverizing, mono- and multi-element assays for gold and other elements by means of fire assaying, atomic-absorption spectrometry (AAS) and atomic-emission spectroscopy with inductively coupled plasma (IСР АЕS) and ICP-MS (Mass Spectrometry).  ALS laboratories are equipped with modern instruments and operate in accordance with ALS  system of quality management and standard operating procedures, which corresponds to requirements of International Standards Organization (ISO) and requirements, approved in the Russian Federation (GOST).  The laboratories are accredited under the system of accreditation of analytical laboratories (centers), and they have certificates verifying compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO/ IEC 17025-2006 (international standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2005).


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