Netcad was founded in 1989 with 100% nationally-financed capital to develop software for use in the engineering and project implementation fields such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, Urban Planning, Civil, Agricultural and Geological Engineering, Mining and Forestry.

Netcad, which has close to 30 GIS and CAD applications for the desktop, web, mobile and cloud spaces, all of which comply with international standards, develops localized software in Turkish, English and Russian.  Netcad has 20,000 licensees and 100,000 licensed users in Turkey and abroad.

The market share throughout Turkey for the solutions Netcad provides to public enterprises, municipalities and private sector companies has grown to 85%.

Additionally, Netcad products are used for course content in 462 departments across 82 universities. And 5,500 people annually participate in certified Netcad Campus training programs.

Netcad came in at 143 in the listing for Turkey’s “500 Largest IT Companies” for 2011, at 24 in the listing for manufacturers based in Turkey, at 5 in the listing for software houses based in Turkey and at 7 in the listing of the top 20 companies based on income from vertical software sales. Netcad strives to maintain its high levels of quality and service and possesses ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 certifications. Netcad is currently aiming to place in the top 100 for information technology companies.

Netcad is used in 800 municipalities, 950 public enterprises, 4500 private sector companies and 82 universities in Turkey; abroad, Netcad is used in 16 countries on 3 different continents.