“ANAKON”, a Group of Companies, presents complex solutions for modern technologies of analysis of ores and minerals. In the Group, there are “Anakon” LLC-,”GEO-Engineering” LLC- and the (Scientific-and-Technical Center) “STC “Mineral Standards” LLC Companies.

“Anakon” LLC is the exclusive representative of Rocklabs Ltd (New Zealand) and Furnace Industries (Australia) in the Russian Federation.

”GEO-Engineering” LLC is in charge of supply of mobile laboratories for sample preparation and analysis, as well as of collapsible tanks for fuels and water (SEI Industries of Canada), of technological equipment (Engendrar and CEC Ceramics of Brazil), as also of equipment and spare parts for X-ray fluorescent analysis (XRF-Scientific of Australia).

“STC “Mineral Standards” LLC is active in the development of matrix standard/reference samples for analysis of ores and minerals. The Center has the high production and staffing potential for training in sample preparation and laboratory practice, for consulting services in nature management, for the development of methodological guides to sample preparation.