Founded in 1975 in Toronto, Canada, Phoenix Geophysics is the world leader in onshore electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instrumentation and services. Phoenix has exported both natural-source (MT/AMT) and controlled-source (CSEM) equipment to over 80 countries. In onshore hydrocarbon exploration, the most-used EM technique is MT (magnetotellurics). MT does not require a man-made energy source. Other MT advantages include great depth of exploration, small equipment footprint, zero environmental disturbance, and flexible deployment. MT complements seismic in poor-seismic areas; provides rapid reconnaissance of new basins where seismic is expensive or difficult; and in some cases, shows direct hydrocarbon indicators. EM techniques including AMT/MT are also used in exploration for base and precious metals (as deep as 2000 m), coal, diamonds, uranium, geothermal deposits, groundwater, and industrial minerals. Engineering uses include dam site studies and railway tunnel planning. Scientific and research uses include earthquake prediction research and crustal mapping.