Consultant Environmental Engineer , SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd
Zarina Ualiyeva, PhD, AIEMA. Licensed Environmental Engineer with over ten years of experience in the Environmental Engineering, Environmental expertise and audits, due diligence studies, third party reviews and managing ESIAs for large-scale industrial projects, mainly mining projects to meet both local environmental permitting requirements and international guidelines.

Session 4 - Responsible mining and mine closure planning

Environmental Impact Assessment: Kazakhstan and International approaches

Impact assessment is a significant part of the overall mining project development process, both in internationally (resulting in an international environmental and social impact assessment report or International ESIA report) and in Kazakhstan (resulting in an Kazakhstan OVOS report). The basic steps in the environmental impact assessment process to obtain both the International ESIA report and the Kazakhstan OVOS report are generally similar but have different emphasizes and objectives. For example, one of main goals of the International ESIA report is to inform potential investors about the project’s environmental and social risks. In comparison, the main goal for the Kazakhstan OVOS report is to receive a permit for emissions limits. SRK’s paper will present a comparison of the similarities and differences in the processes associated with the development of international ESIA reports and Kazakhstan OVOS reports, and how these are used to prevent and manage potential risks during project development.