Сhief geophysicist, Aerogeophysica Inc

In 1980 he graduated from the geophysical Department of the Russian geological prospecting University. In 1980-93 worked as a research fellow, associate Professor, Deputy Dean of this Department. From 1993 in Aerogeophysica Inc, and since 2004 - chief geophysicist of the enterprise.

Session 8 - Implementing innovation in mineral exploration

Modern Airborne Geophysical techniques for prospecting ore deposits: the Russian experience

Modern airborne geophysical methods and systems are applied at all stages of exploration production, beginning with the early stages quest territories to monitoring field development. This direction is one of the few modern industries in which the Russian companies can successfully compete with Western. Honors from the Russian airborne geophysical is a combination of both service and consulting services. Feature of airborne geophysical technologies is the possibility to combine on the same aircraft multiple heterogeneous information channels, which significantly increases the reliability of the interpretation of the slightly higher cost. When interpreting the data is identification in geophysical fields of various criteria of mineralization. If they are not manifest contrast, the statistical methods of processing use, algorithms of pattern recognition including.