General Director, RJC
Mikhail Kornilov graduated from St Petersburg High Mining School in 1986. After the University he worked at All-Russia Scientific Geological Institute (VSEGEI) where defended PhD diploma in 1993. He is the author of more than 10 publications in geological science. Since 1995 he has been involved in various exploration and resource estimation projects in Russia and overseas on the leading positions. In 2001 Mikhail went in active work on distribution and introduction of mining and geological foreign IT solutions in Russia. Till 2007 was a director of «Micromine Russia» Company which he has successfully carried out tens of projects on implementation of modern technologies in resource estimation and mine design at different mining companies in Russia. In 2008 Mikhail became a General Director of RJC Company where he also takes part as the professional geologist with the significant experience in exploration and resource estimation of mineral deposits. Mikhail Kornilov is one of the developers of AGR software system (exploration automation system, 2009).

Session 3 - Geological data and information disclosure

Informational and technological support for mineral exploration projects - a basis of creating national geological data banks

Preservation and increasing the resource potential is one of the most important tasks of strengthening the independence of any state. The key factors here are the level of knowledge of the territory and the quality of geological information. The only quality of field geological data allows doing repeated revaluation of objects in the face of metals global prices technical decline or geopolitical situation changes.

During last years modern computer solutions replaced traditional tools and technologies for collecting, storing and processing of geological data. It brought higher speed and precision of data processing as well as unification of national and industrial standards. These changes make possible to consider the resource potential as a serious argument in the international and home state policy.

The global turn of mining industry players to digital technologies makes possible creation of the state bank of geological information. The presence of raw geological information in the digital form allows not only controlling performance and progress of exploration work in the real-time, but also to simplify significantly a process of acceptance of the results, as well as their transfer to storage in the State Archives.