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Metin’s started the 3D geology and mine modeling, reserve estimation and field studies for mining after his post-graduate degree from Ankara University Geological Engineering Department. He worked as specialist in mineral exploration directorate of Ciner Group Park Teknik A.Ş. for more than 2 years. He had a chance to work on office works like modelling, strategic mine planning and also field works like exploration and drilling. After his graduate degree; he had chance to attend construction and geotechnical studies including the Bolu Tunnel and Melen Water Supply Projects. He continues his career as Netpro/Mine software’s technical responsible in Netcad. Also professional occupation that combines sales, marketing and technical skills to design, promote and sell a product for an organization. He assists engineering companies by sharing his technical experience through computer including more than 30 engineering solutions of Netcad, by mainly focused on Netpro/Mine.

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What is NETPRO/Mine

What is NETPRO/Mine

The Netcad module realizes all stages of ore deposit modeling and mining in an integrated manner. It enables the use, within Netcad, of such tools as data input, digital land modeling, 3D imaging and digitalization, geological solid modeling, block modeling, geostatistical resource and reserve estimation, operations design and production planning.

Why NETPRO/Mine?

• Manual solid modeling by user, with or without drilling.
•Ability to bring together within a single application the basic land surveying operations, reserve estimation and underground/surface pit designs.
• Automatic integrated surfacing using various geostatistical methods and fault lines according to lithologic information obtained by means of drills.
• Ability to assign multiple attribute properties to blocks, planning productions stages based on elevation values and numerical attribute values.
• Manual and automatic open pit design.
• Underground gallery design integrated with ventilation calculations.
• Ability to execute blasting designs by performing blasting calculations using visual planning.
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for blasting can be obtained visually and through reports.
• Powerful and integrated GIS, CAD and Raster capabilities.
• Ability to simultaneously process multiple solid models.
• Ability to section over fault lines.