Director, Geoelectrical Products, Geometrics, Inc.
Douglas Groom is the Director of Geoelectrical Products for Geometrics, Inc.. Geometrics, Inc. has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of geophysical exploration instruments for 45 years. Mr. Groom has been actively involved in geophysical instrument design and field operations for 25 years. He brings his background and education in physics (teacher), electronics (degree), business (MBA), and marketing to bear on improving the use of geophysical techniques in minerals exploration.

Business Podium

New advance in geophysical instruments for mining: Distributed network for multi-channel CSAMT (Controlled-Source Audio Magnetotellurics) minerals survey. Theory and practice.

Geophysical surveys for minerals exploration using electromagnetic instruments has been a standard for many years. However traditional techniques have suffered from low-data density, high per-channel instrument cost, and a large investment in time and manpower to characterize a mining prospect. The introduction of a new exploration instrument with a network of up to 240 synchronized electric and magnetic channels using the CSAMT and AMT techniques goes a long way to address the drawbacks of earlier instruments. This talk will present the design, setup, and operation of the Geode EM3D from Geometrics, Inc. as an example of this new advance. Basic theory, instrument design, and sample data will be presented.