Consultant/Lawyer in Natural Resources , GIZ KZ (GmbH)
Enterprising lawyer with more than three decades of experience working with consulting firms, governments, and international development agencies in the natural resource sector. Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources in Newfoundland and Labrador, with three years acting as Interregional Advisor on Natural Resources with the United Nations. Three years working with Government of Papua New Guinea in mminerals and energy sectors. As a consultant, has a background in working with developing countries on legal, regulatory, administrative and institutional matters relating to natural resources, energy and environment. Extensive experience initiating new policies, laws and administrative procedures in the mining, petroleum and energy sectors. In depth knowledge of regulatory and legal systems, with wide experience in stakeholder relations and management of personnel, internationally as well as in Canada.

A roundtable «Discussion of conceptual approaches for the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Subsoil»

Best global practice in the legal regulatory systems

The presentation will examine the best global practice in the legal regulatory systems with special emphasis on Canada and Australia. This will include common principles and administrative practices which ensure the law and regulations are applied effectively and efficently.