President , AGT Systems NA Inc.
As a graduate geophysical engineer from Michigan Technological University, Bil served as senior geophysicist for major and junior mining companies in North America before trending into international marketing of advanced exploration technologies where he has worked effectively in over 50 countries on behalf of major equipment manufacturers and airborne survey groups. In addition he acts as a technical advisor and principal in various search groups looking for lost aircraft of historical significance and has helped locate several in Greenland, Canada and Africa. He has numerous trade articles in his portfolio and routinely helps clients develop effective marketing strategies and material. He has appeared on TV, in documentaries and has spoken to groups around the world. Clients include Geotech, Terraquest, Exege (South Africa), Aretech (Spain), AGT (Russia), CAMESE and Scintrex. International clients have included the World Bank, UNDP and US EPA.

Session 5 - Growth strategies in changing and challenging markets

Where … and How … Do We Find The Next Mines?

In a mature mining environment like Kazakhstan with its GDP and fiscal stability strongly linked to its natural resource exports, the question can be raised over where new reserves can be found to replace those being depleted and how to go about finding these deposits. From the perspective of an exploration geophysicist and from international experience, part of the answer is lies in the systematic application of modern airborne geophysical tools. This talk relates what was done in the past, relates the mineral potential to other regions and finally what can be done today here in Kazakhstan and elsewhere in Central Asia to successfully discover more of the potential resources to feed the world’s demands for raw material.