Director of UkrNIMI NASU, Corresponding member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian state research and design institute of mining geology, rock mechanics and mine surveying
Born on 10 October 1953 in Tartu (Estonia). Graduated at Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov. Began his career in 1977 in Moscow Scientific Research and Design Institute of Coal. Within 7 years he has gone from an engineer to senior researcher. Since 1984 he has worked in UkrNIMI and in 2000 became its Director.

Session 4 - Responsible mining and mine closure planning

Scientific and technical support for the safe development of coal deposit.

The factors of traumatism in the coal industry are analyzed. The examples of prognosis dangerous situations and geological faults using methods of in-mine geophysics as well as solutions of geomechanical problems for the protection of mine workings and surface above are shown. The results of implementation of automated systems which increase mine safety in coal mines are described. The main problems of methane from coal deposits production are reviewed.