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CJSC “Rusburmash” is a complex geological exploration company with a powerful drilling service that implements the exploration projects for solid minerals from the stage of design to the stage of exploitation both in The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” and in the external exploration and drilling services market for solid minerals in Russia and abroad.

The company was founded in July of 1998. In 2007 it was involved into the contour of OJSC “ARMZ”. Since 2009 OJSC “ARMZ” owns 100% of shares of CJSC “Rusburmash.” In 2012 in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan the branch establishment was registered with the purpose of uranium and non-uranium exploration. In 2013 it has received all the necessary licenses for business activity.

  As the service branch of The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” that controls all the uranium-mining assets in Russian nuclear industry, CJSC “Rusburmash” provides geological exploration (including exploratory drilling) and some activities on the construction technological holes for similar companies as well. Besides this CJSC “Rusburmash” successfully performs the public and private orders for exploration.

  Today the company carries out a several types of works:

  • all kinds of geological works (from the documentation development of the exploration works to the resource attestation in the SRC (State Reserves Commission) in compliance with the international standards: JORC, CIM and etc.;
  • the drilling and the wells construction for various purposes and degrees of sophistication (except the oil and gas wells).

  The patent base of the company includes 27 patents and allows to use the unique technologies in the wells building, drilling equipment, systems of exploitation of productive deposits.

  CJSC “Rusburmash” has the following competencies

 in terms of exploration:

  •  the conducting of the expert review of the licensed areas, including the valuation of the quality and reliability of the work results;
  • the rationale for the subsequent stages of work (the valuation, the preliminary/detailed exploration);
  • the preparation of the documentation development for the exploration works;
  • the entire complex of geological fieldworks and processing of the obtained materials;
  • the preparation of geological reports with reserves estimation, submission and approval of the SRC;
  • the geological support for the wells construction in the process of operating units MF;
  • the implementation of the geotechnical surveys for the purpose of design.
  • the geological, mathematical and technical mining modeling, resource evaluation with accordance with the international standards (JORS, CIM and etc.).

 in terms of drilling:

  • the construction of the technological, operational and exploration wells;
  • the exploration drilling on the deposits;
  • the drilling of the engineering and technological underground wells;
  • the exploration of the drilling, operational and exploration underground wells;
  • the technical drilling (backfilling / for the utilities, for the eliminating of plugs);
  • the drilling of the exploratory wells; – the remedial work on the wells;
  • the elimination of the technological wells.