The Kirghiz Mining Association – is a self-governing, independent public organization which does not support any political parties and movements. The membership is voluntary and is open to anyone who has business interests in Kyrgyzstan in subsoil use sector.

The objectives of the Kirghiz Mining Association stated in the Articles of Association are as follows:

  • Consultation services and problem solving activities;
  • Provision of information, representation and protection of the legal and professional interests of the members of the Mining Association;
  • Supervision of the members of the Mining Association, collaboration with other related organisations in the Kyrgyz republic and other countries;
  • Cooperation with the state legislative and executive authorities, responsible for regulation of subsoil use in area of drafting of laws, statutory acts and their amends, for the purpose of creating a favourable climate for the activity of mining organisations and attraction of investments into mining.
  • Communication with the public via mass media and expert conferences dedicated to the activity of the mining organisations, their contribution to development of the economy of the republic, creation of new workplaces and improvement of the social conditions;
  • Consultation services to the members of the Mining Association in relation to selection of the licensed sites with potential areas for exploration and development of the deposits, and preparation of the joint venture agreements.