Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a central executive body that performs management in the field of industry and industrial innovation, scientific and technological country development, mining and metallurgical industry, machinery producing industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, wood processing industry and furniture industry, building and construction materials production; state support of investment, safety of machinery and equipment and safety of chemical products in accordance with industry orientation; establishment, operation and abolition of special economic zones; export control; technical regulations and ensuring uniformity of measurements; electric power industry; mineral resources, except for hydrocarbon crude; state geological survey, reproduction of mineral resources base, rational and complex use of mineral resources, public administration in the subsoil use of the solid minerals, ground water and therapeutic mud; coal industry; nuclear energy use, support of renewable energy use, energy efficiency, as well as inter-sectoral coordination of public authorities in the field of activity referred to its competence.

The Ministry has departments: Investment Committee, Industry Committee, Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology, Committee of State Energy Supervision and Control, Committee of tourism industry, Committee of Geology and subsoil use.